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Donut De Chien

Donut De Chien


Lazy Sunday mornings in bed are never complete without a sweet treat. Now your pup can too! Nothing beats sleeping in, watching the sun rise high in the sky and while planning a great day with your favourite buddy! As you grab a coffee and cinnamon bun from the local bakery and crawl back into bed you think of sharing. But no, give them the best.

“Do-nut worry, we provide better pup friendly breakfast-in-bed options” – a message from Cookie, (he’s pretty hard to please).



Feed them only the best with a K9 Gourmet treat.

Donut de Chien Flavour:
Carob (dog friendly chocolate – learn more), maple, and sprinkle.

Cookie Size/Amount:
Each Donut De Chien Cookie measures approximately 5cm (2″) across. These cookies are hand made and can vary in size. There are 3 pieces in each package.

Store these freshly baked cookies in the refrigerator. If your dog(s) won’t eat them all in a few days, store in the freezer for up to a month.

Unbleached flour, egg, vegetable oil, unsweetened carob chips (see ingredients), Greek yogurt chips (see ingredients), sprinkles.